Balancing the Night Shift

Kids and the Night Shift

Zen Day

Today I promise to TRY to not raise my voice at my children.Today, I wanted to start my being a better parent challenge. The first thing on the list was to try and go a whole day without raising your... Continue Reading →

Parenting Challenge 

After starting this blog I have decided to start a parenting challenge to try and better myself as a mother. I found one in particular that I liked. Day 1: Go the entire day without raising your voice. Day 2:... Continue Reading →


APRIL 8, 2017 HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY PRINCE One of my favorite times of the year is my prince’s birthday. This year he is turning 7 and I can’t believe how fast the time is flying. Sometimes I feel like... Continue Reading →

Another Queen

I am so thankful for my prince’s amazing Grandmother on his dad’s side of the family. She is so close to him and always helping out when I need help with the kids. My Prince lost his father when he... Continue Reading →


This week was especially hard on me. It was my turn to work a weekend shift and it was on my busiest weekend. But my 3 day stretch has come to an end and now it's time to sleep so... Continue Reading →


Saturday is upon us. Oh no! Can I press pause or gain a couple more hours?!  Last night shift was extra long and tiring and there is no time to sleep. It's 7AM and I'm rushing to my car. I'm heading... Continue Reading →

Parenting Fail

Last night was such a long night and the day even longer. Between work and getting the kids up and ready and on to their busy weekend schedules I had no time for anything to go wrong. Of course, on... Continue Reading →

Rainy Days Blues

Las Vegas bound, again. With all this time spent in a car I’m glad my prince and princess are pro travelers and my favorite co-pilots to have in the car. My prince and I crank up the tunes and sing... Continue Reading →

Dinner Time blues

5 o'clock and it's dinner time for us. Will tonight's dinner come with ease or will it come with struggles. My prince is the picky eater and my princess will eat anything she can get her hands on. So making dinner... Continue Reading →

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